Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota provides leadership and service by promoting professional growth, facilitating collaboration among its members, establishing standards, and advocating for 21st century learners.

For all Minnesota students and educators to be effective users of information and technology


  • Literacy in all its forms is a fundamental life skill.
  • Learners must have access to a broad range of resources and evolving technologies for fundamental 21st century learning.
  • Student voluntary selection of reading materials from a diverse collection boosts achievement.
  • Information and technology literacy, which we define as research process, reading and media literacy, responsible use, and technology skills, should be embedded in all content areas and integrated into learning.
  • All educators must be skilled in the use of technologies to improve learning, information use and communication.
  • School and district media and technology teams must collaborate in the areas of information and technology support and training to ensure increased learning and effective management.
  • The principles of intellectual freedom must be preserved.

Organizational and member responsibilities


  • ITEM Leaders should be responsible to the membership and members should actively participate in the work of the ITEM.
  • Visionary leaders that are capable of speaking out and implementing the ITEM mission should be developed and nurtured within the organization.
  • ITEM will offer leadership opportunities to all its members so that each member is an active leader in his/her community.

Professional Growth

  • ITEM members continue to learn and grow professionally.
  • ITEM members are professional development leaders in their organizations.
  • A primary function of ITEM is to provide professional development for all members.


ITEM is responsible for providing avenues for collaboration among educators, libraries and educational organizations to increase the effectiveness of its members.


ITEM will advocate for strong library media technology programs and services to colleagues, school leadership, community, governmental agencies, and legislators.

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